Meet Tina Crawford

Beautiful Art

All products on this website were created by Tina.

Photography and design provided by J.D. Crawford and Madalyn Parr.

Style & Quality

All paintings are hand done in acrylic paint on canvas or wood.  Some may include other mediums for depth and dimension.

The mosaics are hand created with an assortment of mediums.  Some may include glass, tiles, metal and wood.  Each is meticulously cut and placed to form the shapes and colors that create the beautiful art pieces.  I believe it is important to save the planet as much as possible therefore, most mosaic creations use at least 50% of recycled glass, wood or other products that are available.   It is such a fun challenge to look at an older item and imagine it in it's new form.   It sometimes allows you to sail through the sky, ride a boat, play a game or just let your imagination run ride.





Life is seeing bits and fragments, a little at a time, and when put together they make a marvelous picture.  This is how I see art before it actually becomes a painting or a mosaic.  Sometimes colors or shapes catch my interest and other times people or animals spark an idea.  

I have been an artist since childhood, I believe it is gift from God and I cannot imagine life without it.  My parents let me paint my first mural on my bedroom wall when I was a teenager and it has continued ever since.  

Mosaics interested me about 5 years ago so I watched a video on the internet, picked up a few books at the library and the results are now on this website.  

I hope you enjoy my art, please feel free to contact me with your comments.  

In the future look for Andy’s Corner. This will be a segment from my very animated cat and will include his antics and art advise throughout the year.
— Tina

                 Watch for features and specials, a few                    art tips and maybe a class or two.